What Causes Back Acne in Females? Learn How You Can Cure Blemish

The skin on the buttocks is the most susceptible part of the human body for what causes back acne in females. In this area, there is a high level of friction with clothes rubbing against the body. The clothes may rub up against the dermis, which can cause inflammation of the skin and leads to acne. The face of the female also has the same type of friction. This is one of the reasons why there are more females who suffer from acne than males.

You need to do something so that you will be able to prevent yourself from getting acne. You need to control the amount of food and oil you let enter your body. Refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothes and jeans since these clothes tend to trap the dirt and bacteria that cause the acne. You need to wash your hair frequently especially your scalp because dirt and oils from the hair can get trapped on your scalp.

Do not squeeze the pimples of your back, since this can aggravate the situation and cause scarring of the skin. Squeezing the acne can worsen the condition of the acne and bring more infections. You must never pick at your pimples, as this can cause deep scars or even an infection of the skin. You should always consult your doctor before trying to treat your acne.

What causes back acne in females can also be attributed to diet and hormones. The type of food you eat plays a big part in the production of sebum, which is the oil produced by the body. If you eat foods that have a lot of fat content, sebum secretion increases and you will be more likely to develop acne. You must make sure that the food you are eating is as healthy as possible. Do your best to maintain a balance between the good and bad fats in your diet.

The hormones of a woman affect her whole system including her skin. Hormones will cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil and this excess oil mixes with bacteria that is present on the skin. This can result to the development of acne. You must try to regulate the hormones of your body so that you can prevent acne from developing. You should make sure that you are taking in lots of vitamins and minerals so that your body functions well.

There are many other things that can trigger the appearance of back acne. Stress is one of the most common triggers. Too much washing can also lead to acne. When you wash the acne spots too often it leads to dryness of the skin, which will cause acne.

The other common thing that causes back acne in females is poor circulation of the blood in the skin. When the circulation of the blood in the skin is poor, the nutrients are not able to get to the affected areas. As a result, the presence of bacteria will increase because of poor circulation.

If you want to get rid of your acne, you need to regulate the hormones in your body. You must learn how to balance the hormones of your body. There are some hormones that cause acne to appear in the body. These hormones are called androgens. You need to find out what causes your back pimples and get rid of them permanently.

You can get rid of the excess hormones by eating the right food. You should make a conscious effort to avoid junk food. Try to keep yourself well-hydrated as well. Add coconut oil to your diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Use a mild soap to wash your body. This is because gentle soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils. Make sure that you apply sunscreen when going outside. This protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. When the skin is protected from the sun, the dead cells on the skin surface fall off.

You also need to drink lots of water. Water helps to flush out all the toxins in the body. It makes the skin feel soft and smooth. It moisturizes the skin and prevents the apparition of sebum, which is the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. If you follow these simple tips, you can keep acne at bay and control it during its occurrence.