Spring Makeup – What Every Woman Should Know

Every woman should know how to apply the right makeup in spring. There are appropriate makeup styles and colors for each season. This article will talk about useful information that you should know about spring makeup. Whether you are attending a formal event or just going out with your friends, it is important that you know the basics of applying makeup in spring.

Spring reminds you of colorful fragrant flowers and cute little animals hopping and bouncing about. Spring is all about nature and freshness and colors. You can experiment with your makeup in this season. However, there are some basic makeup tips for spring that have been tried and tested and have worked throughout the years for most women. Check out the following basic tips.


You can never go wrong with purples, violets, and lavenders when it comes to eye makeup no matter what your skin or eye color is. You can use these colors in varying shades of pink and blue. You can also use eye makeup that glimmer especially at night for a more fun and interesting look.


Pink is the usual color for spring lipsticks. If you have fair skin color, choose light pink tones. If you have dark skin color, darker pink tones are the best options. You can also apply nude lipstick for that natural and fresh look which is common in spring. Add a touch of lip gloss to make your lips more kissable.


Since makeup in spring is all about being natural and fresh, try not to overdo your foundation, especially if you are just going to a casual event. You do not want to look like a clown whose face is ten times whiter than the rest of his body.

If you have dark or tanned skin color, you should wear less foundation. You should also choose something that complements your skin color. For your cheeks, you can always opt for pink or peach colors. Be sure that you apply it on the right spot. Try to smile in front of a mirror and apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks.