Pink Nail Tips

Pink Nail Tips

If you think that having pretty pink nails is only for little girls, then you’re wrong. In fact, pink nails can also not be yourthing at all! But, there are tons of pink nail styles that are not just pretty but really masculine. You can surely be an accomplished adult and still appreciate the pretty color pink. Here are some sexy ways on how to style your nails and make them more than just pretty.

A light pink ombre nails always look sophisticated and cute. The light pink shades complement almost any nail polish shade. As an alternative to light pink nails, you can also go with the darker shades like dark chocolate or a nice dark blue.

There are lots of pink polka dots that will definitely give your nails a more dazzling look. Pair a light pink design with pale skin tones and a natural hair color to create a nice balance. A light pink design with light pink accents like golden yellow, pale pink or baby pink will look fabulous with pale skin and blondes. A pale pink design with dark pink accents is great with darker skin and brunettes. A pink square nail design with dark pink nails will look very feminine and sophisticated. Pair a light pink design with pale skin tones and pale hair colors to create a quite balance.

You can make your pretty pink nails designs look even more feminine and sophisticated by using some black strips as a frame for your nails. You can either use some white strips as a frame for your nails or try some black ones that contrast with your skin tone or hair color. A black strip as a frame looks super cute and elegant. Pair a light pink design with pale skin and blonde highlights to create a very pretty yet flirty appearance.

There are so many options available when it comes to beautiful pink nails. You can use different nail polish colors to create different effects. Light pink nail polish looks fantastic with dark skin and brownish highlights. It also looks super cute and girlish with pale skin and darkish-brown highlights. You can create a sleek and polished look with white, yellow or pink nail polish.

Polka dots are a fun and funky way to add an original touch to your pretty pink nails. You can either use the basic polka dots for something simple or you can choose to go all out with a few really huge and brilliant polka dots. You can even create some extra fun with a few different shades of pink nail polish. For example, if you have a plain pink nail tip but want something a little bit funkier and spunkier try a dark pink with a light blue and green border. This would look absolutely beautiful with brownish highlights on your fingertips.

You don’t have to stick to just light pink nails as well. There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from that you can easily mix and match different shades together. For instance, you can wear light pink nails but also wear a darker pink base coat. This makes a fantastic combination with dark browns and blacks.

Of course, another great pink nail idea is to wear embellishments on your finger. One of my favorites is to add a beautiful pink bow to my long nails. I started by clipping a cute little bow on the back of my hand. Then I simply applied a pink polish to the end of my long nails. I simply curled the pink bow and used the rest of my pink polish to line the bottom back of my long nails.