How to Create the Eye Makeup For A Blue Dress

How to Create the Eye Makeup For A Blue Dress

When it comes to makeup for a blue dress, there are some basic tips that can help any woman achieve amazing results. It is important to choose eye makeup colors that enhance your facial features and compliment your natural skin color. These basic tips for makeup for a blue dress are:

As for mascara, the best preference would be to go for light brown and/or beige. Mascara is only recommended for darker-colored skin, as it will tend to bleed into the lighter tone and ruin the whole look. While doing makeup for a blue dress, it is advisable to go for mainly neutral shades, as dark shades of eye shadow will make the eyes appear larger and brighter. The outer eyelid could be highlighted with white pencil, they can either create a dramatic effect, or they can simply give an illusion of a wider area around the eye. The inner most eyelid could be highlighted using grey or black pencil, they create an illusion of a wider area.

The next step in the makeup for a blue dress is to choose and apply a lip gloss. Lip glosses come in different shades, which mean you need to consider your own personal preference. It is important to use a gloss that is similar to your natural lip color. If you have lighter skin, you can try out light or pale tones of lip glosses. If you have darker skin, then obviously, you should go for darker shades of lip glosses.

The next tip for makeup for a blue dress is to match warm colors like hazel and pink to the eyes, and cooler colors like blue and green to the cheeks. To get the best result, it is advisable to apply all the colors in the palette to the eye area. You can do this in layers. For example, paint one color on the upper lid and blend the rest of the colors in using a brush. Then, use a warm shade of pink smudged on the lower lash line and blend it using a brush. On top of that, apply two coats of blue liquid eyeliner and finish off with brown highlighters to bring out the warm shades of eyes.

If you are going for the blue dress look, then it is wise to invest in some bright and beautiful eyeshadow. There are several shades available for you to choose from, but your best bet would be to go for a shade that is bright and vibrant. In order to get a truly unique look, try out a dark blue color. Most stylists recommend a dark shade of blue because the shade gives a mysterious feel to the eyes. But if you want something less mysterious, then you can opt for an almost-blueish shade. In addition to eyeshadow, you should also apply a loose powder to your skin before stepping out for the day.

After applying the makeup, take your daytime lipstick and add a couple of extra coats. The beauty of the pale pink lipstick will help you create the intense blue dress effect without being too flashy. Another option that you have is to use a pair of matte brown lip gloss. Just like the pale pink lipstick, this lipstick will give a flirtatious, natural pink look to your evening makeup. The matte brown lip gloss will help you get a fresh look and will blend well with your pale skin tone.

Eye Makeup: After you get your makeup right, your eye makeup should match the outfit that you wear. For a casual outfit, you can use a pair of nude eyeshadow and a sheer blush brush to create a stunning look. If you are attending an event or party, then it will be a better idea to use bright shades of eye makeup to bring out your eyes. You can go for smoky browns, green and other light shades of colors.

If you want to create a smoky eye makeup, then you can choose a color in the middle of the spectrum such as pinks and purples. For the best results, it is advisable to use a base shade on your eyelids and then blend in the eye makeup to the outer corners with a soft blush brush. For a Burgundy night-out, you can select a deep burgundy and line your mouth with a white liner. These tips should help you get a gorgeous look with your blue dress and accessorize it with eye shadow and lip gloss in a similar hue to the outfit.