Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles for short hair may seem like an oxymoron at first glance, but the truth is that there are several great looks that can be created from this length of hair. Short hair actually refers to any short haircut with very little length. It can range from just over the ears down to below the neckline. If a guy’s hair reaches the jawline, it might not technically be considered short, though.

The most common hairstyle for this length is the simple up do, which is something you may have seen many men do in pictures and on TV. This simply consists of the front of the head being lifted up a few inches, with the rest of the hair left on top of the elastic bands. Popularized by stars like David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio, many of which have great long hair, the up do is a classic look that never goes out of style. There are some other variations to this, including the ponytail, French twist, and a bun.

Another one of the more trendy short hairstyles for women is the pixie cut. Women with straight hair will usually sport a pixie cut, as it flatters even the most unruly curls. With an added flair of sexiness, the pixie cut is perfect for girls who are still searching for their cute hairstyle days. There are many variations of the pixie cut, depending on whether the hair is natural or straight. Some versions are a little more wavy than others, while some use the elastic bands to add height.

Those with wispy layers may also want to try some new hairstyles for short hair. These look nice when worn with a pixie cut, but can also be worn in ways that are less obvious. One option is to simply add volume to the top of the layers with some left in the bottom, like a layer cake. Adding some waves back to the front portion adds height and helps give balance. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it can be worn almost any day of the week, although it would be best for the winter months, when it can get a little cold outside.

If hair is layered, there are several different styles that will work. The easiest way to achieve a smooth, low maintenance style is to simply flip the layers over at the bottom, so one half is the same as the other. For a chic look, pull each layer back into a sleek ponytail. Adding elastic bands makes it easier to secure and flip back into place.

The next great alternative is a simple yet elegant women’s short haircut that is called the flat top. This looks good on anyone, even if it isn’t very healthy. A super-sleek and structured look is usually achieved by cutting each layer at the same length and then styling the front portions simultaneously. Adding textured products to the ends and a straight hair band will give a super smooth look with almost no effort. This is a great hairstyle for casual for work days when you just want to relax and look casual.

Women’s long hair, which is often layered, can also benefit from very subtle and sophisticated short haircuts. Adding waves to the front is one option. Alternately, thinning the front strands by using a curling iron or hot rollers can add volume and thickness. Some women choose to leave the locks natural and use a small portion of hair in a small bowl or boxbrush to take some of the stress out of the top. Another option is to simply add volume with Bobby pins and a few strands of hair that match the natural look.

Women who have naturally thick and full hair can get lots of volume from more simple styles. A ponytail with the layers removed and hair rolled into tight curls is a classic example. Any sort of up-do can create a layered look and can be easily undone if necessary. Women who have fine hair can go from a more casual style to a more dressed up look just by adding a few more layers and curling irons. These hairstyles for short hair are simple, easy to do and will make any woman feel great about her appearance.