Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Hairstyles for men with thick hair tend to be a challenge for men. Many choose to go the easy route, and choose cut-offs or pull-offs that are typically deemed unacceptable for thick hair. Fortunately, there are many styles that work well for thick hair and also keep it looking fresh and vibrant. When seeking a hairstyle for thick hair, always consider your face shape and the particular cut that will compliment your unique features. Once you’ve determined what silhouette works best for your face, then you can move on to styling your locks in a manner that works best for you.

Thick Mid-Fade+Faux Hawk Haircut The faux hawk style is a classic option that looks fresh and easy. This mid-fading hair cut is both sleek and balanced, and doesn’t look too heavy upon your face. If paired with straight hair, it actually looks quite bold. Men with thick hair are sure to have fantastic hairstyles for men with thick hair, and a mid-fare faux haircut is ideal to accomplish this.

Short hairstyles for men with thick hair can include short spiked hair cuts with a high volume at the crown. Adding a buzz-cut is a great way to heighten the volume of your hair, especially if it is curly. One of the hottest options for men with thick hair is a curly crop cut with a high volume at the crown. A curly crop is defined by having a long layer of hair swept toward the front of the head. With a high volume at the crown, it frames your face in a classic, sleek style. You can use a barber or get a cheap hairstyle at a salon.

Longer cuts are very versatile. Your hairstylist can create any length you desire from the very short, baggy cut to a really long style. A high ponytail is a great option to add texture to your hair. A simple wet cut done down the middle of your neckline with some textured layers will help with adding texture. This is a simple but effective way to add a little something to your style without using too much heat.

Thin men can get a medium hairstyle that still has that youthful texture. If you have medium to thin hair, you are lucky, as almost every style out there will work on you. Most hairstylists use a medium styled cut for men with thick hair. This includes a round crop cut that is tapered to the jaw line, or a slightly longer cut that is slightly unkempt.

One classic hairstyle that is good for almost any face type is a pomade Pompadour. A pomade hairstyle should look good for almost anyone, since it is easy to wear and easy to maintain. Smooth pomade will look perfect when blow-dried, and you can apply it with a brush, comb or iron. You can also use it to create layers, a popular hairdo for those with really thick hair.

Another simple style for thick hair is a sleek back and sides part. This can be created with any hairstyle tool, a curling iron, a straight razor or a pair of good scissors. You should start by framing your face with a side part that frames your jaw and forehead. You then take the side part and gently tape it to your face to form the back. To change the look, you simply fade the back part into a different color or change its style.

Some men with very thick hair might find that they are best suited to a mousse cut. This is a simple cut that is done with a small round head of hair, with most of the hair being swept up or back out of the way. The back and sides are cut at the front and along the jaw line. To create the style, simply take your razor and very lightly cut the top of the mousse hair. Then use a large round brush or curling iron to add some volume at the ends. This will help to highlight your shape and will give it a polished look.