celebrity Makeup Looks – Easy And Simple

Simple makeup! Many women shy away from it because they think it is too complicated, they will never get it right. But with some simple and easy to apply makeup tips any woman can up her glam quotient at any time, whether for work and then every evening or for the evening out. In this article, you’ll learn:

simple makeup

So you want to try a simple makeup, don’t worry there are plenty of ways you can do this! Firstly, apply a light foundation over your face. Most people don’t bother, but if you have really dry skin, or a lot of wrinkles, use baby oil to blot the foundation onto your face, and tap to remove excess. If you have oily skin, you may skip this and apply the foundation over your entire lid area with a slightly darker shade as the foundation will give your eyelashes a lift if your lashes are heavy.

Next, line your mouth and cheeks with the concealer. I find this tip quite weird but applying your make up in this order can make applying your lipstick easier, as it is less likely to smear. Brush your concealer along your jaw line and across the length of your lips. Then apply your lip color to the concealer, and take your blush or lip pencil and line your lips with it. The color of your lip color will be affected by the blush or lip pencil, and the color of your eye shadow, so make sure you get this right, and make sure your makeup matches.

Next, apply lip color to your whole face, using your ring finger, and not your index finger, this helps get a smoother application. Next you should apply your lipstick to the apples of your eyes. You may find that this makes your eyes stand out too much, in which case just blur the edge of your eye make up. Be careful not to smudge your lines of the lip.

One of the key tips in applying makeup for the eyes is to avoid putting in too much eye shadow, as it tends to look chunky and heavy. So remember to apply a bit less than you think you need. Also avoid applying glitters and lip glosses. If you want to add shimmer to your eyes then by all means do so, but it needs to be subtle. Remember, it is better to have no makeup at all, then an excess amount of it.

Now you need to apply some lip balm to your lips. Again, this may seem like it is redundant, but it really does help your makeup to last longer. Lip balm will help protect the makeup and keep it from clogging your pores. When applying lip balm to your lips, make sure and only put a thin line of it on, and blend well. This will help to keep your lip color from bleeding and also keep it moisturized.

Now it is time to use your eye and lip liner to line your mouth. Start off with a thin line about one third as wide as your uppermost nostril, and use your eyeliner pencil to fill in the rest of the area. You can start off using the dark colors and then work your way to lighter shades. You do not need to use a waterproof foundation if you are using a lip liner. A lip liner with a bit of oil can be used as a base, and then a light foundation will work best.

Now it is time to fill your lips. To do this, put your finger in your mouth, and cover your lips with your palm. Press down on your finger for about 5 seconds, and then pull your fingers out. You should now have very smooth and perfect lips that look like they were just applied. These celebrity makeup looks are very easy to do, and you can create them everyday!